Call for Consultant: Research on Sustainability of Youth-Led Organizations

CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality is seeking a qualified
candidate to conduct research about the sustainability of Youth-Led Organizations (YLOs)
Deadline: 21 August, 2020

Location: Home to start with (due to the current COVID19 crisis), in consultation with CHOICE the range of locations could be extended at a later stage
Application Deadline: 21 August 2020, 23:59 PM
Expected number of days: To be defined
Expected travel: None to start with (due to the current COVID19 crisis), in consultation with CHOICE it can be decided that travelling is necessary at a later stage

1. Background
CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality is an organization that strives for all young people to have the power to make decisions about their sexual-, reproductive- and love lives. We strengthen the capacity of young people and YLOs, while at the same time enabling them to become leaders and change makers in their communities. We aim to support YLOs worldwide to become sustainable organizations. We provide our partners with capacity building and (financial) technical assistance on both an organizational and individual level, support on fundraising opportunities and more. Every partner has different strengths and weaknesses. We try to assess the needs of each partner in order to jointly develop a capacity building plan most suited to them. Currently CHOICE has partners in Kenia, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nigeria and DRC. They are working on a various range of SRHR related topics, such as young people‘s sexuality, child marriage, teenage pregnancies, FGM/C, sensitization via media and LGBTI+ rights.
One of our current strategies to support YLOs to become sustainable organizations is conducting Organizational Capacity Assessments (OCAs) and Advocacy Capacity Assessments (ACAs) for our youth-led partner organizations. By these assessments we hope to find out what these organizations need to strengthen their (organizational) capacity. After conducting an OCA or ACA we assist our partner organizations in reaching their goals as good as we can, for example with delivering trainings and offering technical expertise. However, to improve and structuralize the support we offer, CHOICE is developing a trajectory with which we can offer youth-led organizations a set of capacity strengthening activities which all together will benefit the long-term sustainability of these organizations.

In order to be able to create such a trajectory we first need to know:
• What do YLOs understand by ‘sustainability’ and what are different ways for YLOs to be sustainable?
• What are the most critical factors for YLOs to become/stay sustainable, and are these factors unique for YLOs (what makes them different from adult-led organizations)?
• What do YLOs need (in terms of capacity building/support) to keep existing, executing their work, and to grow?
• What are the pitfalls of YLOs in terms of sustainability? What are best practices?
• How can CHOICE improve our current work on organizational capacity strengthening for YLOs?

2. Objectives and Key Deliverables
We are looking for a consultant to conduct research on the sustainability of YLOs, and help us answer the questions posed above. The research can focus on CHOICE’s partners but it can be an added value to also include other YLOs.
By the end of the consultancy period it is expected to present a report which must include:

– Reflection on the methodology of the research
– ‘YLO definitions’ of ‘sustainability’
– Findings on sustainability ‘boosters’ and ‘smashers’ for YLOs
– Recommendations on how CHOICE can support YLOs in becoming/staying sustainable organizations

Note: different organizations have different goals. As CHOICE does not apply a ‘one size fits all’ method in its capacity strengthening activities and trajectory, but offers needs-based support instead, we would like to see the diversity in YLOs taken into account.

We highly encourage you to come up with a creative way to conduct the research and contact young people and YLOs, and a creative way to present the outcome report.

The research budget may not exceed 9000 euros excl. VAT.

3. Profile and qualification requirements

The consultant must meet the following criteria:

• Proven experience with conducting (desk) research;
• Experience with creative research and reports is preferred;
• Works from a Human Rights Based approach;
• Has a progressive stance on sexual and reproductive health and rights, specifically on young
people’s sexual rights and diversity;
• Is youth-friendly and has non-discriminatory attitudes towards working with young
• Experience with working with youth-led organizations and young people is preferred;
• Experience with working in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) is preferred;
• Proficiency in English;
• Candidates under the age of 30 are especially encouraged to apply.

CHOICE invites you to submit a proposal which at least includes, but is not limited to: a timeline, the methodologies that you will use and a budget corresponding your proposal. Note that there is a budget ceiling of 9000 euros excl. VAT. Make sure your proposal is accompanied by your resume and if possible, with an example of a former conducted research. Proposals can be sent to under the subject line: “Call sustainability YLOs”.

Application Deadline: 21 August 2020, 23:59 PM. For inquiries, reach out to Roos van Kreij ( or Juliana Jaramillo (


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