Bellingcat is an international collective of researchers and citizen journalists who use
verifiable digital information to investigate a broad range of topics, validate facts and
uncover wrongdoing. We apply an evidence-based method with maximum
transparency and make our findings public to advance justice, transparency and
accountability. We cooperate, share and train others to leverage and spread our
knowledge, build networks and expand the community of evidence-based researchers.

Collaboration: We work as a team and believe that the collective is stronger than any individual.
Curiosity: We dig through digital data and choose our research topics independently.
Tenacity: We value the process of searching for the truth and we persist.
Diversity: We attract a variety of people to sharpen our ideas and broaden our investigations.
Inventiveness: We connect the dots and develop methods to benefit all, not just a few.
Integrity: We are honest and professional in our work and as individuals.

We have created a unique field where advanced technology, forensic research, journalism, investigative work, transparency, and accountability come together. Do you want to be part of this exciting adventure? We are looking for a full time IT engineer to join our team.

You will set up and develop a secure infrastructure for internal use and to communicate with our volunteers. Your main focus will be on identifying and meeting the organization’s privacy and security needs. You will also work with the Bellingcat tech team to design and build infrastructure for new technical initiatives, including collaborative data warehousing, making new open source tools available to the public and a volunteer contribution forum.

● Monitor the organisation’s digital security needs and develop and implement an organization-wide digital security policy and guidelines.
● System admin of office and remote equipment.
● Working with our datacenter / develop partners to maintain a WordPress website backend. Front-end development experience is a plus.
● Research and implementation of internal open source solutions for communication and file sharing.
● “Help desk” responsibilities: answering employee questions about technical issues with Bellingcat infrastructure.
● Actively support our researchers during research on cybersecurity topics or, if interested, to conduct your own research in the remaining time.

● A thorough open source DNA, consisting of experience with Linux, VPNs such as Wireguard and OpenVPN, firewalls et cetera.
● Experience with scripting languages (bash, Perl, Python, or similar) for server administration and automation. Additional software development experience and familiarity with infrastructure as code is a plus.
● A proven track record in addressing cyber risks and threats on both organisational and individual employee level.
● A healthy level of paranoia should be part of your personality.
● Strong troubleshooting and communication skills to facilitate the work of our researchers (incl. nontechnical colleagues).
● Being a team player with excellent ability to work independently, taking freedom and flexibility with a high degree of responsibility.
● A firm commitment to the role of independent journalism in a democratic society and affinity with Bellingcat’s groundbreaking investigations.

● Bellingcat is a charity organisation and remuneration is in line with the salaries range in the non-profit sector. We offer a gross annual salary of 59-62k EUR (depending on experience), including holiday allowance.
● This is a part-time position (32 hours per week).
● One year contract with possibility for extension / fixed contract subject to performance.
● Additional benefits & incentives subject to excellence in performance.
● The position can either be based in the Netherlands, or remote (in the latter case occasional travel to the Netherlands might be required).
● You will have the opportunity to contribute to Bellingcat’s groundbreaking work with global impact.

Please send your motivation letter and resume to jobs@bellingcat.com no later than 15 April 2021. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the next round (by 28 April 2021).


Stichting Bellingcat


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