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BankTrack is seeking a new campaigner to join our four-person “banks, climate and energy” team and help
take our campaign to stop bank finance for the fossil fuel industry to the next level.

Fossil Banks, No Thanks!

The primary aim of BankTrack’s ‘Banks, climate and energy’ campaign is to stop all bank financing for
expansion of the fossil fuel industry and to push for a phase-out of all remaining fossil fuel finance, while
ensuring a just transition for all communities and workers affected by this. As part of this, we have
established the “Fossil Banks, No Thanks!” campaign platform, where our aims are further set out. We are
part of a growing global movement of bank campaigners and aim to provide a bedrock for this movement
through our research, our websites, and the connections we enable.

We are now seeking to strengthen our 3-person climate team with a determined and experienced new
campaigner that can help bring all this work forward.

Work Ahead

Over the next year, our climate team will be working hard to help increase public pressure on banks to stop
financing the fossil fuel industry. To achieve this, we:

  • Keep track of, and assess developments with climate and fossil fuel financing policies of Fossil
    Banks, including the proliferation of ‘Net-zero by 2050’ commitments of individual banks and Bank
  • Keep track of fossil fuel finance portfolios of the largest ‘Fossil Banks’ globally, resulting in our
    authoritative yearly ‘Banking on Climate Chaos’ report (co-produced with lead organisation RAN
    and others);
  • Keep track of, and campaign against bank finance for specific fossil fuel projects and companies
    (Dodgy Deals), such as for example the East African Crude Oil Pipeline;
  • Strengthen our Fossil Banks No Thanks campaign platform, so that it operates as a solid
    movement-building and mobilisation tool for all platform partners;
  • Together with partners put strong public pressure on banks globally, to demand further steps on
    ending fossil fuel finance ahead of the Glasgow Climate Summit;
  • Directly engage with individual banks and bank initiatives on fossil fuel policy developments and
    financing of specific fossil fuel projects;
  • Target bank AGMs, exposing their fossil fuel financing or engaging as shareholder ourselves;
    Provide training to climate campaigners on the role of Fossil Banks in financing the climate crisis;
  • Broadcast our campaign message over our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, and
    through our fossil banks and organization website.
  • Stay connected to numerous civil society partners and social movements globally, to play our part
    in together achieving global climate justice.

A lot of work ahead, which is why we are looking for someone to help this work forward. Someone who:

  • is fluent in English, both speaking and writing, with fluency in other languages (French, Spanish,
    German) a plus;
  • Has a good understanding of the global climate crisis, its causes and impact;
  • Is familiar with political processes and initiatives aimed at stopping the climate crisis;
  • Understands the role of banks in financing the global climate crisis, specifically as financiers of the
    fossil fuel industry;
  • Brings three or more years of hands-on experience in campaigning or mobilization, either in the NGO
    sector or as a grassroots campaigner (not necessarily in the climate field);
  • Is enthusiastic, practically minded and good-humoured, and combines an activist mindset with a
    professional work attitude; someone who ‘wants to get the job done’;
  • Is able to work independently and under time pressure;
  • Fully understands that changing the global banking sector as part of a global civil society
    movement is not always a nine to five job;
  • Brings the determination to make a real difference on a global level in what banks finance and what

We offer:

  • An opportunity to be part of, and help strengthen, the global movement for climate justice, by going
    after the banks that keep on financing the crisis;
  • A role within a small but well-known internationally-focused organisation that has proven itself
    capable of bringing change to the global banking sector;
  • An initial contract for 6 months (32 hpw), but with funds already reserved to proceed for at least
    another 12 months if your performance is as excellent as we seek;
  • Salary range indication: 2,600-3,000 euro per month (before taxes) on a full-time basis (36 hpw),
    depending on previous experience and skills;
  • Additional 8% annual holiday allowance;
  • Inclusion in our pension scheme and other fringe benefits;
  • Training opportunities and hopefully also travel opportunities again soon!


BankTrack is based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Ideally you are also based in the Netherlands, so you
can join us when the corona situation allows reopening our office. It may also be possible to work from
elsewhere in the European Union, provided we can make the necessary financial and employment
arrangements, and you are able to travel to Nijmegen for our team strategy meeting every six months.

How to apply

We aim to fulfill this position by the first week of September, in time for an avalanche of campaign work
leading up to the Glasgow Climate Summit in November, but after the holiday season. Your application
therefore needs to reach us before Monday, July 19, 2021. Job interviews are planned for the week of
Monday July 26, 2021 (online, using a video link), with, if needed, a second round of interviews planned
for the week of August 2, 2021.

To apply, send us a letter of maximum two pages, explaining: a) your motivation for wanting to join the
climate team of BankTrack, b) what part of the ‘work ahead’ listed above you see yourself contributing to
best, c) your relevant skills and work experience. Please also add an up-to-date CV and a recent writing
sample in English, plus any other illustration of particular skills (links to online sources for example).
Send your application by email to Johan Frijns, BankTrack Director, at <>, with
“Application – Climate Campaigner” in the subject line of your mail.

BankTrack actively seeks to strengthen the diversity within our current team. Candidates that will
strengthen this diversity, whether through race, nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual
orientation or class, are therefore strongly encouraged to apply.

Important: BankTrack can only employ citizens of the European Union, or non-EU citizens already residing
in the Netherlands and in possession of a valid work permit. Please refrain from applying if you are not in
these categories




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