The Sixth Water Information Summit 9- 12 September 2003

Door: OneWorld Redactie
Bron: IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

Accessible, quality insured information is the basis for making decisions about water resources. The WaterWeb Consortium ( has been actively meeting for six years and working on processes and techniques to make quality water information easily available. The Water Information Summit (WIS-6) will be held in Europe for the first time 9–12 September 2003 and will be hosted by the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre in the UNESCO-IHE Institute in Delft. The Summit will focus on strategies to overcome the digital divide between North and South and within the South and to share knowledge and information in support of the management of the water and sanitation sectors.

For whom? The series of Information Summits bring together water information users and providers. WIS-6 will provide a forum to discuss the state of the art and trends in knowledge management, future of water portals, the application of web-based technologies and the formation of partnerships. Organizers will also provide feed back from information sessions in the Third World Water Forum in Japan including the prototype Water Portal of the Americas ( that was launched there. Small working groups will discuss topics, such as e-learning, water portal development, water portal technology and maintenance and water information assistance services (help desks). The working groups will report their findings and recommendations to the entire assembly. Knowledge management workshop Another learning opportunity offered in the context of the Information Summit is a three and a half day Knowledge Management (KM) Workshop. The workshop will be held 15-17 September 2003. See,, for more information about this hands-on training program covering KM based on the knowledge value chain model. Participants of this training will take home a concrete plan to strengthen KM activities in their organization including for example improving web site and database development, documentation, and connectivity. Abstracts until 2 May 2003 Abstracts for oral or poster presentation on your experience with knowledge management in practice, portal development, e-learning and possibilities to reduce the digital divide are being accepted until 2 May 2003. For more information see, A prize of free Summit registration, travel and lodging expenses will be awarded to two authors.

Most recent WIS-6 information along with registration and abstract submitta, early registration is possible till June 15, 2003 and a registration form is included here.