Shaping the EU Health Community - Balancing Health, Social Development and Internal Market

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Preceding the informal Health Council that will be organised by the Netherlands Government, a group of Netherlands based health organisations will organise, together with their EU counterparts, this conference.

Under the chairmanship of the Netherlands Patient and Consumer Federation, the steering committee in the Netherlands invites all stakeholders in the EU memberstates to participate in the debate: national and European patient- and consumer-organisations, professional bodies, research and innovation institutes and government representatives. The conference especially welcomes participants from the new memberstates.

Taking the patient, consumer and client as starting point and focus, the conference themes will be selected from a number of issues. Among them are:
- What are current challenges to primary health services in view of changing needs and demands ?
- Customary practice by health professionals in view of patient mobility and quality of cure and care.
- Is a EU healthcare policy needed to manage effects of the internal market rules?

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