The -Omics Promise: Opportunities for environmental objectives

During the symposium a number of topics will be addressed. Environmental policy objectives on environmental issues will be outlined and ways in which environmental biotechnology (including -omics technologies) can contribute to achieve policy goals. An overview will be given of the current state-of-the -art and future perspectives of -omics technologies. Furthermore some practical examples will be presented demonstrating the strength and value of -omics technologies. Finally the challenges that we are facing today to successfully use and implement-omics in daily practice will be evaluated.

The symposium will bring together scientists, consultants and policy makers that all have the same ambition: creating a sustainable world. Serving non-native participants,  the symposium will be held in English. 


9.30 uur 

Registration and welcome

Chair:  Janneke Krooneman (NBV)

10.00 uur Introduction -Omics-Day, prof Dik van de Meent (VVM)


Environmental ambitions 

10.15 uur Soil and Environmental Objectives, dr Kees Plug (director sustainable production VROM)
11.00 uur Coffee/tea


What are -omics? 

11.15 uur Using environmental genomics to unlock the secrets of the living soil, prof George Kowalchuk (VU)
11.45 uur Proteomics, prof Dick Janssen (University of Groningen)
12.15 uur Metabolomics, Machtelt Braaksma (TNO)
12.45 uur


Chair:  Marlea Wagelmans (VVM)


Use of -omics in practice

13.45 uur To control anaerobic purification of water, dr Jacco Huisman (Paques bv)
14.15 uur Omics based approaches to unravel soil health, dr Jos Raaijmakers (WUR)
14.45 uur

Ecosystem services, dr Inez Dinkla (Bioclear)

15.15 uur Coffee/tea


Evaluation, challenges for the future

15.30 uur How -omics can enhance environmental risk assessment, prof Nico van Straalen (VU)
16.15 uur Closing remarks, prof Piet Lens (NBV), drinks

Prices: VVM/NBV members €30,- / non-members € 60,- excl. btw

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