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6 november 2023
Den Haag, Netherlands
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24-32 uur
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Do you want to fight for equality? Tackling inequality at its roots, together with colleagues, our partner organizations and activists in more than 90 countries? To change the systems behind it, once and for all!

Oxfam Novib stands behind the people who stand up for equality. Together, we fight for a world where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of gender, ethnicity or skin color. A world where everyone feels safe; where income and wealth gaps are shrinking instead of growing, where climate change is tackled in a firmer and more just way.

Equality is the common thread throughout our activities and projects, but also internally. We are aware that our team of colleagues can be even more diverse and that having a diverse team is the only way to see the world from a broad perspective. To obtain a multi-voiced team, we are therefore calling in particular on women, members of the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, or people with disabilities to apply for this internship.

Apply and become part of Oxfam Novib!

This internship is within the FAIR Financial Systems and Investments Unit. The main objective of the intern is to provide communications, research and logistical support to Oxfam Novib's Public Finance and Inequality and Human Economy programme both worldwide (mainly Africa and Asia) and in the Netherlands.

Application deadline:  26 November 2023

Location:                       The Hague and hybrid

Duration:                       5 to 6 months, starting in January 2024

Hours:                           24 to 36 hours per week

The FAIR Financial Systems and Investments Unit

The FAIR Financial Systems and Investments Unit addresses extreme inequality and climate change driven by todays’ growth-focused economic system. It focuses on a fair tax system and public spending, living wages, decent work, responsible investments & entrepreneurship beyond growth.

Our Unit’s work is situated in our call for an economy centered around justice, care and sustainability rather than corporate profits and GDP growth, what we call a ‘Human Economy’. Oxfam Novib's Human Economy agenda aligns with global efforts for economic systems change, by movements such as decolonial and feminist movements, the postgrowth movement and the wellbeing economy movement.

The unit's different teams (Fair Finance, Public Finance & Inequality, Impact SME development, and Impact Investment & Microfinance) all aim to contribute to this shift towards an alternative economic system. The potential intern will be part of the Public Finance and Inequality and Human Economy team but will also learn from and contribute to other pieces of work within the Unit.

The Public Finance and Inequality team is dedicated to supporting colleagues and partners in 10+ countries to build powerful influencing to end extreme inequality, through fairer taxation and more and better spending for health and education. We also want to #endtaxhavens through lobbying the Netherlands and other European governments. One of the tools we use is the Fair Tax Monitor; this is an evidence-based, comprehensive advocacy tool to compare the fairness of tax systems of different countries to make tax fair. Read more about the FTM. Through our Human Economy program, we ensure that our work towards economic systems change is connected to other movements across the world. We connect our reports, actions and tools to the need for a fundamentally different economic paradigm, calling upon decisionmakers, politicians, businesses and other civil society organizations to challenge economic logics that uphold the status quo. And we show that the alternatives already exist for choose another future – one where our economy works in service of life.

Key tasks

  • Being involved in overall project management cycles, including where needed drafting input for Fundraising, Monitoring and Evaluation (outcome harvesting) and Reporting
  • Engage and collaborate with colleagues and partners, e.g. in Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria (focusing on research and advocacy on fair taxation and public spending)
  • Contribute to ongoing research and advocacy efforts by the team in The Hague on the role of the Netherlands, EU or global bodies in Fair Taxation, Climate Financing, and a Human Economy beyond growth etc.
  • Share research findings and insights through presentations, workshops, articles or other tools
  • Create content for communications materials such as newsletters, blogposts, webpage, social media, infographics and case-studies

Who are we looking for?

  • Currently a Bachelor's or Masters’ degree student in a relevant study.
  • Very good command of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Power Point, Excel and Word), and ideally also with software to create creative content and using Word Press.
  • Experience with analyzing qualitative data.
  • Have excellent written & spoken English skills and preferably knowledge of Dutch.
  • Strong cultural sensitivity and gender awareness; excellent communication skills.
  • Affinity with event planning & organization.
  • A good understanding of organizational communication processes.
  • Highly motivated, self-organized and team player.
  • Willing to learn and share your knowledge with others.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants to the internships at Oxfam Novib must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an active student of 18 years of age minimum;
  • Be enrolled at a Dutch educational institution (first level university degree, higher schools (HBO) or other);
  • Have less than 3 years of relevant full-time work experience;
  • Have legal right to live and work in The Netherlands or be prepared to obtain the right to follow an internship as part of their study in the Dutch educational institution, by signing a three-party internship agreement.
  • Any staff member who has previously been in employment with Oxfam Novib shall not be hired as an intern.

Our offer
An intern in Oxfam Novib is offered an internship contract for the duration of the internship and a monthly allowance based on €450, - per month on a basis of a 36-hour work week, pro-rata in case of less hours.

The intern is expected to have a student OV card; however, if not applicable, a reimbursement of commuting costs will be offered.

Oxfam Novib works on hybrid basis – partly from office, partly from home.

During the internship, the intern is supervised, overarching by the Manager of the FAIR FSI Unit and daily/weekly by a designated colleague/buddy.

Working at Oxfam Novib

All our work is guided by our core values: Empowerment, Accountability, Inclusiveness, Courage, Solidarity and Equality.

At Oxfam Novib, we work according to the Feminist Principles - Oxfam Policy & Practice.

Oxfam Novib is based on the power of difference. That is why we aim to attract a diverse mix of talented people who share our standards, values, and principles, and who are committed to prevent and eliminate any type of misconduct.

We have an active policy against sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, any form of abuse of power or lack of integrity and financial misconduct. This subject will be covered in our application and selection process.

Additional information

Do you believe that this is the internship you are looking for? Then we would love to receive your application! Please note that only applications received before the closing date 26 November 2023 and submitted via our application portal will be taken into consideration.

If you have questions regarding the position, please reach out to Winne winne.vanwoerden@oxfamnovib.nl &/or Ilse ilse.balstra@oxfamnovib.nl


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