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12 januari 2023
Amsterdam, Nederland
Soort Dienstverband
Tijd per week
32-36 uur


Please note: We are not interested to be contacted by recruitment agencies. Working completely remote is also not an option at the moment.

Join the Careibu mission
In the past 13 years, Careibu has grown into a social organisation where students find their social side job and/or volunteer work. Tens of thousands of matches between students and clients have been made. Now we are ready for the next phase to continue growing. Not only in the size of our community, but also in the services students fulfill through Careibu.

We are looking for an experienced Fullstack Web Developer who will realise this growth ambition with us by developing and maintaining our web based platform on a React -Node- MySQL stack.

Indicative requirements

  • 5+ years as a developer
  • 3+ years with JavaScript
  • 1+ years with React or other component-based framework
  • 2+ years of backend development
  • 2+ years working with databases and data models

Offer and benefits

  • The opportunity to grow with us. To become part of the strategy for the next growth phase.
  • An impactful and independent function within a dynamic, ambitious and fun team (10 persons)
  • Flexible working days and times. You are welcome to come to our green office and be with the team, have vegan lunches together, or work from home. We have a couple in-person meetings in the office per month.
  • Office location a few minutes bike ride away from Amsterdam North ferry station (Asterweg 20)
  • Optional weekly allocated time for studying (2h) and working on technical improvements (4h)
  • Annual gross salary €40.000,- to €50.000,- (for 0.8fte, ex. 8% holiday allowance) based on profile and relevant experience (€3.333 to €4.167,- gross per month)
  • An Apple laptop on loan
  • Pension accrual (from the 2nd year of service)
  • You start with a 6-month contract, with the intention of extending

Some context for the role
We are a small company with one fullstack developer at the moment. You will join him and take active part in the whole product development lifecycle from discussing feature ideas and needs, research and planning, to implementation, maintenance, and technical improvements. Therefore it’s important for us that you are self-initiative and confident in taking on challenges and enjoy the freedom and the impact your work can have in a small team. You are comfortable to ask many questions, explore and discuss options together, and offer your suggestions and opinions.

Because of the current – thoughtful but opinionated – structure and approaches in the codebase, you may see it necessary to restructure or change things to align with what you see as best practices. That is very welcome and it’s also important for us that you are comfortable with this and can enjoy that kind of work. The only important thing for us is that we make responsible technical choices, being mindful for the overall maintainability and future of the platform given the scope and specifics of the project and the company.

Some details about the technical setup

  • We have two web apps, a user facing one and an admin portal for our team. (Our landing sites are built with WordPress but those are managed by a dedicated external developer)
  • Plain JavaScript is used in React and Node but transition to TypeScript is possible
  • In React, we use the MUI library, custom hooks, and we don’t use Redux but introduction is under consideration
  • In MySQL, we use JSON columns making the data model hybrid between relational and document store. Migration to Postgres or MongoDB could be considered.
  • The web apps are built and deployed from a monorepo containing both the server and client side code
  • The application servers are running on Heroku, the MySQL database is on AWS
  • Integrations: Google Maps, Google Cloud Storage, Mandrill, Cloudinary, Stripe, Sentry, Intercom.
  • For tasks, project notes, and documentation, we use Notion

More on the working methods and responsibilities
We don’t have a dedicated designer/UX person and the product owner role is carried by our CEO, Anne. Working out the details of the UI will be up to you using input and feedback from Anne. Other details of the features will often be based on your suggestions too, and importantly the dev team does all the business analysis too (defining business rules and logic, designing the data model). Quality assurance and testing is also with the dev team.

With time you will also provide general support for the Careibu team for sorting out user issues and using the admin portal, do bug fixing, change requests, technical maintenance and improvements. Basically everything that’s involved in the development and operation of the software platform, except for the product owner role.

You will be fully supported in all of this by our current developer and Anne, discussing and planning things together, taking individual preferences, ideas and suggestions fully into account. The aim will be to remove any obstacles so that you can join the project successfully, feel at home and able to influence and develop things using your ideas and experience. Over time you will take increased ownership of different areas and become confident in knowing and operating the platform.

How to apply?

If you are interested email us with your motivation and CV at! And please also give us short answers to these questions in the email, to help our hiring process:

  • How many years of overall experience you have with software development?
  • Please give us a list of the programming languages and platforms/frameworks that you worked with, with the years of experience for each.
  • How many years of web development experience do you have?
  • How many years of experience do you have with React or other component based frameworks?

You can apply until the 19th of February 2023.

If you feel that you don’t have the full experience we are looking for but feel you could be a good fit and are willing to learn, please do apply anyway!

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