27 juli 2022
Bangladesh, Nederland
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Delegated Representative Water (Bangladesh)

Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO)



The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in close cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangladesh (EKN) intends to appoint a Delegated Representative (DR) to enhance cooperation between Bangladesh and the Netherlands in the fields of delta- and water management.


Context: The bilateral cooperation with Bangladesh spans over 50 years and has contributed to the Netherlands’ strong reputation and position in the areas of water management, agriculture and socio-economic development. Driven by Bangladesh’s societal and economic rapid development - Bangladesh is expected to become an upper middle income country in 2031- the bilateral cooperation is in transition: various ODA themes including FNS and SRHR are phasing out completely, with two remaining ODA portfolios, Water and Private Sector Development (PSD).


Position: The DR is the liaison for bilateral water affairs and adaptive delta management between The Netherlands and Bangladesh and complements the EKN’s diplomatic relations and ODA activities. He/She facilitates the cooperation between Bangladesh and the Netherlands in the field of water- and adaptive delta management, including the nexus water-climate-agriculture-biodiversity, and establishes coherent and effective relationships and networks that 1) support transition processes of Dutch aid and trade relations with Bangladesh related to water, 2) materialize involvement of the The Netherlands and its public, private and non-profit water sector in the BDP2100 implementation 3) supports Bangladesh in the BDP2100 implementation through donor coordination support.


Seconded by the RVO, he/she coordinates the NIWA ambitions and the implementation of the interdepartmental Partners for Water Programme by the Ministries of I&W, LNV, BZ and NEA. The DR will be part of the RVO organisation and formally report to NEA and the EKN Dhaka and liaise on a weekly basis with the water expert of EKN Dhaka. In a programmatic way the content of his/her activities will be defined by RVO and EKN jointly. In consultation with the General Economics Division (GED) of the Bangladesh Planning Commission, the DR could be part-time stationed at the GED office to facilitate collaboration and communication.


The scope of work is divided over 4 work streams and may be adjusted over time depending on the developments with regards to the BDP2100 implementation:


  1. Further strengthen the bilateral Knowledge, Government and Business (KGB) cooperation under the Memorandum of Understanding Delta cooperation 2022-2032.




Monitor overall implementation of the MoU, including organisation of meetings and round tables to bring objectives in motion.

Liaise with concerned government departments and agencies in the Netherlands and Bangladesh on their contribution towards implementation of the MoU.

Facilitate the organization of Inter Governmental Committee and bilateral meetings as agreed on in the MoU.

  1. Support the development and implementation of strategic projects within the framework of the BDP2100.


Implementation of BDP2100 is gradually gaining momentum: a network of ministerial focal points, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), the Project Implementation Committee (PIC) and the project Steering Committee have all been established. The overall coordinating Delta Wing -under the Planning Commission- has however still not been established (expected towards the end of 2022 - alternatives based on existing governance structures need to be explored to mitigate any further delay of this delta wing establishment). The Delta Governance Council has been established, however not yet convened. The first Delta Conference is planned for 26-27 May to facilitate priority setting, collaboration between agencies and partners and boost implementation. The DR will support the various committees and line agencies in preparing and implementing tangible projects and activities under the BDP2100.




In collaboration with Bangladesh line ministries and agencies, support further identification of relevant and meaningful priority projects within the BDP2100.

Support accelerated project formulation and feasibility with concerned line agencies (a.o. BWDB, LGED, DAE), specialized organisations and private parties in Bangladesh.

Liaise with bilateral development partners (EU, Japan), IFIs (IFAD, WB, ADB) and international –climate- funds (GCF, GEF) on the potential for joint financing and implementation of specific projects. Collaboration with IFIs and the private sector is key to leverage sufficient financial means and to materialize investments, operations and maintenance of BDP interventions.

Liaise with the Netherlands private sector and funding agencies (RVO, Invest International, DFCD) on a possible Netherlands’ role in BDP2100 project implementation and financing. Materialize at least four (4) investment projects that are financed by Drive/D2B of which two projects (Chalan Beel and Water as Leverage Khulna) are currently in preparation. Liaise with the EKN to explore opportunities for ODA funding.

Liaise with the Netherlands’ delta and water management agencies (Rijkswaterstaat, Delta Commission, Dutch Water Authorities) regarding their technical support for BDP implementation.

Monitor preparation and implementation process of selected priority projects in which the Netherlands participates.

Support GED organizing a second BDP conference.

Supervise and manage the EKN funded SIBDP activities, executed by GED and a consortium of NL and BD consultants.

  1. Further strengthen connections between the Netherlands and Bangladesh water sector to identify and initiate promising fields for collaboration.




Identify and communicate possibilities for participation in, follow-up of or spin off from BDP2100 projects for NL and BD private sector, government & knowledge agencies.

Identify promising links with other sectoral programs, e.g. climate adaptation, agriculture, fish eries, spatial planning and energy. Identify and introduce new potential cooperation parties (companies, NGOs, knowledge institutes, GCA) in Bangladesh, in collaboration with EKN.

Distill lessons learned from ongoing water cooperation including BDP2100, and liaise with the NWO Knowledge Facility to formulate research items for positioning Netherlands knowledge institutes and universities in Bangladesh.

Bringing together and creating synergies between Dutch-Bangladeshi knowledge development and academic research, and Dutch bilateral and multilateral projects

Identify and address (generic) obstacles for intensification of trade and collaboration.

Inform and support formal missions and visits by Netherlands organizations on water and BDP2100 related issues.

In collaboration with RVO, manage, contribute and participate in various market scans, scoping studies and trade missions.

  1. Support bilateral project and programme development


The Netherlands Government, through RVO and Invest International, is implementing centrally coordinated programmes in Bangladesh. Examples are Partners for Water, Water as Leverage, PSD Toolkit, Reversing the Flow, Develop2Build (D2B), DRIVE and others. The DR is expected to liaise with local authorities on behalf of these programmes, but particularly for RVO and Invest International, in project development and monitoring when requested.




Monitor and liaise on behalf of all RVO financed water related projects/activities in Bangladesh (e.g. PVW, SDG-P, FDW etc.). Seek synergies where possible.

Support Invest International in scoping activities and relationship management for D2B and DRIVE programmes.

Ensure coherence between projects, also in relation to EKN’s ODA portfolio, and assist RVO in monitoring project progress and describe learning aspects from these projects. Identify sensitive and/or problematic issues relevant to the implementation of projects in Bangladesh.

Advise RVO on TORs (Terms of Reference) or submissions for new projects, when necessary, provide textual input on project documents.

Coordinate NIWA initiatives in Bangladesh. Participate on behalf of RVO and EKN in the Bangladesh Deltateam and coordinate/monitor all activities supported by the Partners for Water programme.

Coordinate the development of annual PvW Delta annual plan.



  • Senior professional (MSc or higher) with at least 10 years of on the job working experience in the water sector in developing and middle income countries, working experience in Bangladesh preferred.
  • At least 10 years of management or senior advisor experience in an international company, NGO, knowledge institute or public sector.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with (governmental) bilateral cooperation and International Financial Institutes.
  • Strong knowledge and network of the Netherlands and preferably Bangladesh water sector.
  • Knowledge of and experience with Business development.
  • Proven experience / ability to function in complex multidisciplinary programs and/or networks.
  • Excellent command of Dutch and English, strong public speaker and clear communicator.
  • Knowledge of and experience in integrated water resources management, adaptive delta management is preferred.
  • Track record in motivating and supporting teams through an inclusive working style




You are a persuasive, pro-active, results-oriented and strategic team player with a high degree of cultural and political sensitivity and conceptual thinking skills. You are an excellent communicator and you are able to develop and execute strategic planning processes to position the Netherlands and are able to design and materialize smart approaches to convince different stakeholders of our value-added. You are a person with an open mind: willing to tap into new networks, open to share knowledge, open to innovation. You are able to work independently in an advisory role, not as a consultant but as a representative of the Netherlands government. You are able to understand and speak the language of business, NGO’s and knowledge sector.



Salarisniveau: schaal 13

Maandsalaris: Min €4.551 – Max. €6.786 (bruto)

Dienstverband: Arbeidsovereenkomst voor bepaalde tijd

Contractduur: 1 jaar (met uitzicht op verlenging van 2 jaar)

Minimaal aantal uren per week: 36

Maximaal aantal uren per week: 36


Overige arbeidsvoorwaarden

Naast het salaris ontvang je een Individueel Keuzebudget (IKB). Het IKB bestaat uit geld (16,37% van je bruto jaarsalaris) en tijd. Met het IKB maak jij de keuzes die bij jou passen en kun je een deel van je arbeidsvoorwaarden zelf samenstellen. Je kunt er bijvoorbeeld voor kiezen om een deel van je maandinkomen te laten uitbetalen wanneer jij dat wenst. Ook kun je dit budget omzetten in verlof en andersom of besteden aan fiscaal vriendelijke doelen. De Rijksoverheid hecht sterk aan persoonlijke groei en loopbaanontwikkeling en biedt daarvoor tal van mogelijkheden. Tot de secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden behoren onder meer verschillende studiefaciliteiten, bedrijfsfitness, volledige vergoeding van je OV-reiskosten woon-werkverkeer en gedeeltelijk betaald ouderschapsverlof.



Voor deze functie zul je gestationeerd worden op de Nederlandse Ambassade in Dhaka (Bangladesh). Naar verwachting per november/december 2022. Initieel bieden we een jaarcontract, met mogelijkheid tot een verlenging van nog eens 2 jaar.


Na sluitingsdatum zal de vacaturetekst en de gegevens van de vacaturehouder online niet meer zichtbaar zijn. Om te voorkomen dat je deze moet opvragen, verzoeken wij je de vacaturetekst te downloaden en te bewaren.



Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) nodigt je uit op hun site te solliciteren. Via onderstaande knop verlaat je deze site ga je direct naar het sollicitatieformulier. Het Rijk hecht waarde aan een diverse en inclusieve organisatie. Werken in divers samengestelde teams maakt ons effectiever, innovatiever en het werk leuker. Eenieder wordt daarom uitgenodigd te solliciteren.

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