What’s in it for YOU?

During the next Young Changemakers event, we will learn how to get our creative confidence back. We will zoom into our lives and visualize our obstacles and creating solutions, using the effective and fun method of Lego Serious Play®.

• Tuesday March 13th
Impact Hub Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2C
• 6.45pm registration
• Program runs from 7pm – 9pm + drinks
• Free event – Register here!

About the trainer

Marcella is an expert in Imagineering and Social Innovation. She worked on various social projects, and finds it interesting to challenge people to create a better version of themselves. Lindsy spent three years working for Google in Design Thinking and as an Innovation Coach. She is an ambassador for innovation cultures within organizations. She helps people get in touch with their creativity and enables them to share their wildest ideas.

Marcella and Lindsy are innovation coaches of the Dutch Design.school. At Dutch Design.school, you will learn entrepreneurial skills and mindset, work in multidisciplinary teams and learn to apply Design Thinking as an innovation method.

The event starts with an introduction of the innovation tool Lego Serious Play. This will be used to clarify problems, learn from others and to build solutions for tomorrow.

The trainers will provide fun ways of dealing with complex issues.

We put our brilliant minds together to help create innovative solutions.

We end the evening with drinks, there is time for networking and to reflect on lessons learned.

Why join?
Discover a practical tool, get inspired, learn and connect with impact-driven young changemakers. And have a good time!