eSchola - learning together, a week for eLearning in Europe

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‘eSchola’ is a joint initiative of Mrs. Ingegerd Wärnersson, Swedish Minister for Schools and Adult Education, and the European Schoolnet EUN) as part of the programme for the Swedish Presidency of the E.U. It is also a contribution to the implementation of the European Commission’s strategic ‘eLearning initiative’ and is launched in close cooperation with the Department for Education and Employment in the United Kingdom and other Ministries of Education in Europe.

In the Netherlands LSO, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Europees Platform and e-LinQ are the coordinating bodies.

‘eSchola’ aims to demonstrate on large scale, excellence and innovative approaches to the use of ICT in classrooms and to accelerate the dissemination of pedagogical innovations in Europe. Schools will be encouraged to learn together and from each other how the new technologies can be used to raise quality and to provide new learning opportunities.

In addition, ‘eSchola’ will also promote interest in European issues by encouraging collaborative projects between schools around the themes of European citizenship and cultural diversity.

Linked to the ‘eSchola’ week, European Schoolnet will distinguish innovative schools in Europe through its European Schools Awards.

For more information contact:
Gerard Lommerse (LSO),
Phone: +31 20 6204815
Iskander Serail (Europees Platform),
Wim Didderen (e-linQ),
Angela Andersson (
Phone: +46 8 405 2070

European Schoolnet
European Schoolnet (EUN) is a joint venture by twenty-three Ministries of Education from around Europe. It’s a network of networks supported national Ministries of Education and the European Commission.

EUN is both a framework for cooperation for Ministries of Education to foster the use of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in schools and an Internet-based service to European schools. It aims to strengthen collaboration between schools at a European level, and encourage the use of information and communications technologies in schools via the European Schoolnet website (

The EUN also comprises three networks of schools and teachers: myEUROPE, the European Network of Innovative Schools and the Virtual School. These networks are focused on innovating education, servicing teachers and networking schools around curriculum-based projects using the Internet and computers.

‘eSchola’ web site where schools and potential partners can learn more about the event