In Turkey Syrian journalists are still not safe from ISIS' censorship
Reportage – Also outside of ISIS territory Syrian journalists are in danger. Krijn Schramade spoke with three journalists in Turkey.
Investigation – Monsanto removed 'crucial' studies from the EU safety evaluation of glyphosate, with serious consequences.
Investigation – No country has as many tax treaties as the Netherlands. The country has made tax agreements with nearly one hundred countries.
Shell shady dealings with OPL 245 in Nigeria
Investigation – Shell and ENI paid over a billion dollars for an offshore oil field in Nigeria. The money ended up in the hands of a corrupt former minister.
Sex workers in Nairobi, between hiding and stigma
Investigation – OneWorld presents the story of Mary Mwangi, sexworker and activist in the Red Light District of Nairobi.
Investigation – The immigration service has ignored all warnings concerning Eritrean interpreters, until now.
BPA is used in manufacturing plastic bottles of water.
Investigation – Chemical companies are trying to raise doubts about the human health risks related to endocrine disrupting chemicals.
Data – Every year three million women face the risk of undergoing female genital mutilation. The war against this practice goes on in multiple fronts.
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