Interview – Filmmaker Josh Fox sees documentaries as a 'very powerful new weapon' in the fight against climate change.
Patrisse Cullors
Interview – Patrisse Cullors en Janaya Khan, co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, were in Amsterdam to talk about racism.
Nighat Dad
Interview – Internet activist Nighat Dad fights for a free and save internet for women in Pakistan.
Edna Anan
Interview – OneWorld spoke with Edna Adan in her hospital in Hargeisa, Somaliland, where 98% of girls and women is circumcised.
A piece of cobalt ore from the mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Interview – Cobalt. The mining of this mineral, which can be found in many of our electronic devices, is linked to gross human rights' violations in Congo.
Interview – Young Africans express themselves through Twitter, informal, sharp and with a sense of humor. The succes of #Ifafricawasabar.
Interview – Teaching statistics in a spectacular and humorous way. It seems impossible, though Swedish professor Hans Rosling (67) proofs it isn’t.
Interview – Ben Rawlence spent many years working in the Horn of Africa. In his book City of Thorns he gives a detailed insight into refugee life in the world's largest refugee camp, Dadaab.
Interview – Akinyi's worst nightmare came true when she was kidnapped by Peter Gadet, a notorious South Sudanese warlord.
Martín Caparrós
Interview – ​Every 5 seconds a child under the age of 10 dies of hunger. On a planet overflowing with wealth. A major overhaul is needed, says Martín Caparrós.
Bill Gates at the Power of Progress, hosted by OneWorld
Interview – OneWorld-reporter Eva Schram spoke with Bill Gates. 'Creating and developing new technologies is key to development.'
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