links Nada en rechts Krit
Interview – Transgenders Nada, Krit and Kath tell about what it's like to be a trans in Thailand.
Interview – Sinds 2000 zijn er al 50 mensen van de Guatemalteekse mensenrechtenorganisatie CUC vermoord wegens de strijd om land, water en mensenrechten.
Interview – What is wrong in modern society when people miss wars? Former war correspondent and anthropologist Sebastian Junger explains it in his new book Tribe.
Woodworker Aliu Abiodun
Background – Starting a business in Nigeria is not easy. A shoemaker, pharmaceutical producer and owner of a furniture factory prove persistance works.
Background – The WHO panel that has questioned the safety of the widely used herbicide glyphosate is targeted by fierce criticism.
Interview – Filmmaker Josh Fox sees documentaries as a 'very powerful new weapon' in the fight against climate change.
Patrisse Cullors
Interview – Patrisse Cullors en Janaya Khan, co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, were in Amsterdam to talk about racism.
Investigation – Why do all trails of the #Nobels4GMOs campaign lead to Monsanto and the biotech industry?
Nighat Dad
Interview – Internet activist Nighat Dad fights for a free and save internet for women in Pakistan.
This is my Europe
Belgium isn't so different from the Netherlands right? “I don’t see the similarities”, says the Dutch Maurice de Haan, living in Genth.
In Turkey Syrian journalists are still not safe from ISIS' censorship
Reportage – Also outside of ISIS territory Syrian journalists are in danger. Krijn Schramade spoke with three journalists in Turkey.
Djibouti map
Investigation – Since 2010, no human rights organization has reported on the American military presence in Djibouti and the worsening human trafficking situation.
Edna Anan
Interview – OneWorld spoke with Edna Adan in her hospital in Hargeisa, Somaliland, where 98% of girls and women is circumcised.
Investigation – Monsanto removed 'crucial' studies from the EU safety evaluation of glyphosate, with serious consequences.
A piece of cobalt ore from the mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Interview – Cobalt. The mining of this mineral, which can be found in many of our electronic devices, is linked to gross human rights' violations in Congo.
Interview – Young Africans express themselves through Twitter, informal, sharp and with a sense of humor. The succes of #Ifafricawasabar.
Column – olunteer Correct co-founder Reinier Vriend doesn’t shy away from stern words: ‘this type of tourism should belong to the past’.
Interview – Teaching statistics in a spectacular and humorous way. It seems impossible, though Swedish professor Hans Rosling (67) proofs it isn’t.
Interview – Ben Rawlence spent many years working in the Horn of Africa. In his book City of Thorns he gives a detailed insight into refugee life in the world's largest refugee camp, Dadaab.
Investigation – No country has as many tax treaties as the Netherlands. The country has made tax agreements with nearly one hundred countries.
Reinier Vriend is on a mission to identify the everyday European values and concerns. Today: Virág from Hungary.
Reinier Vriend is on a mission to identify the everyday European values and concerns. Today: Rasmus, a Dane in South Africa.
Interview – Akinyi's worst nightmare came true when she was kidnapped by Peter Gadet, a notorious South Sudanese warlord.
Shell shady dealings with OPL 245 in Nigeria
Investigation – Shell and ENI paid over a billion dollars for an offshore oil field in Nigeria. The money ended up in the hands of a corrupt former minister.
ISDS or: why companies sue countries (and how they do it)
Investigation – What is ISDS? Is it dangerous? Data-research into the system used by companies to sue countries.
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